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Extrait De Parfum 50ml



Widian Black I Parfum is The True Arabian Hospitality in a Bottle. Black I takes you through an experience, a taste of true heritage. Rich scents travel through a swift Arabian Adventure, and authentic hospitality ultimately leading to a place of simplicity. The earthy scent of cedar wood and with the smoky scent of cypress create an urge to go on a journey of the elements.

All roads lead to home with the oriental scent of incense and the spicy scent of cardamom. The freedom of an invigorated soul and a patriotic heart.



250,00 €Τιμή
  • Top: Cinnamon, Cardamom

    Middle: Incense, Cypress, Sandalwood 

    Base: Musk, Cedarwood 

  • Ali Aljaberi

    Jean-Claude Astier

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