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Anise, Licorice & Cinnamon



    As dusk falls men and women have for hundreds of years engaged in a holy ceremony in search of a higher calling. These nightfall rituals are known as vespers – evening prayers.  

    Inspired by the riddled nature of sacral imagery, vesper seeks to embody the cryptical and the ceremonial.

    – I wanted to Vesper to have some feeling of religiosity because it represents mankind’s attempt to portray the mystical and the metaphysical – that which is beyond us and our realm of understanding, says Kristoffer Vural, founder of Selahatin.


    22,00 €Τιμή
      • 1100 ppm fluoride

      • Made in Switzerland

      • Contains antioxidants

      • Housed in alu tubes (recycles endlessly)

      • Contains antioxidants

      • Vetted by The Swedish Dental Association

      • Vegan/Cruelty free

      • Dermatologically tested

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