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Bortnikoff, Sayat Nova

Extrait de Parfum (25 – 30%) 50ml



Top Notes: Apricot , Narcissus
Heart Notes: Rum , Vanilla
Base Notes: Oud from Laos , Bengal Oud , Oud from Trat , Oakmoss


Sayat Nova

345,00 €Τιμή
  • Sayat Nova is a fragrance inspired by the legendary 18thCentury Armenian poet and troubadour of that name. The scent evokes the romantic mysticism of exotic lands and bygone centuries. This exceptional creation fuses dark and intense woody tones with rich and luscious sweetness. Like the famous balladeer himself, Sayat Nova inspires images of romance, opulence and unbridled passion.

    Opening with a delectable combination of apricot and narcissus the perfume transitions to reveal a rich and irresistible pairing of rum and vanilla at its heart. At the base of the composition, three varieties of precious oud infuse their complex and inimitable magic alongside the classic foundation of oakmoss.

    The oud used comes from Laos, Bengal and Trat (in Thailand). Each variety has its own unique properties and their combination in perfect balance is an art which only a few can master. The choice of the rarest and highest quality ingredients ensures that this perfume will intrigue and enchant in equal measure. Dmitry Bortnikoff’s meticulous pursuit of excellence is brilliantly exemplified by this incomparable oriental gourmand scent.

    A high concentration of perfume oils ensures great tenacity and the natural ingredients allow the fragrance to evolve and reveal many subtle, complex and beautiful nuances upon each application. Those who enjoy sweet and sumptuous scents and those who adore the endless intricacies of oud will find much in which to delight.

    Open your mind to the infinite possibilities of imagination and embrace your most adventurous and romantic side with Sayat Nova.

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