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Stephane Humbert Lucas

Sand Dance EDP 50ml


Sand Dance is inspired by the most sensual dance movements of the Kalbelia dancers, a nomadic people from Rajahstan, the land of kings in northern India and the gateway to the Orient.


  • Olfactive Notes

    Whisky Cream, Mandarin, Coriander

    Cocoa, Sandalwood, Kashmir Wood

    Benzoin, Cedar, Styrax, Patchouli, Tonka bean


An Indian dancer, soft and nomadic like sand, glides across the stage and does the cobra dance. Proud, sensual, invincible. A long choreographic veil billows out with each step, each posture; it charms, shocks and enraptures.

A breath of cocoa, and the patchouli takes over, we are in the home of the Kalbelia women who bewitch the souls who come to confide in them, to rest and to dance with these Naja sisters.

Spices from every corner of India, the cradle of cosmic knowledge, are like joyful, fragrant confetti thrown up in a huge alley, the alleyway of kings covered in incense, sandalwood, leather and dunes.

Sand Dance EDP 50ml

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