Perris Monte Carlo Santal du Pacifique

The fragrance features sandalwood and floral notes.

Perris Monte Carlo Santal du Pacifique 100ml

150,00 €Τιμή
  • Perris Monte Carlo - Santal du Pacifique

    The Pacific islands are untouched paradises and largely uninhabited. There nature is alive and wild. Millions of different species of flora and fauna are at home there one can count a great deal of specific localized species including the sandalwood tree. In this part of the world, between Asia and Oceania, lies the origin of sandalwood. From here it was exported to China and South America and subsequently cultivated there; it still grows wild in equatorial forests with their permanent warm and humid climates.

    The sandalwood tree is an evergreen and grows up to ten meters high. The wood is light yellow in color and has a distinctive musky odor. The precious and aromatic sandalwood oil is recovered by distillation from the central part of the stem and roots. The use of sandalwood originated in India, and the trees still grow wild there. The success of sandalwood is based on the belief that one can appease the rational part of the mind, so as to come into contact with the deepest levels of the mind. Incense made from sandalwood is therefore used as an aid to meditation. These mythical features attributed to sandalwood are also the reason why musical instruments and fragrant sacred and profane objects have been produced from this wood since ancient times.

    It was used in religious rites and burnt by Buddhists and Hindus as incense and was soon regarded as a valuable raw material for perfumery. Its great success was also its undoing. Today the sandalwood tree is listed among the endangered species - in India it is protected. Its best natural quality is practically impossible to find anymore in perfumery. To ripen completely and be rich in precious oil, the tree requires 20 to 30 years growth. In order to develop the best quality, the sandalwood tree needs to mature for several years after felling.

    The Fragrance Santal du Pacifique
    Santal du Pacifique is a hypnotic and mysterious fragrance in which the warm, creamy and velvety
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