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Bortnikoff, Oud Maximus

Extrait de Parfum (25 – 30%) 50ml



Top notes: Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Pink Pepper, Jasmine Sambac, Cardamom
Heart notes: Rose de Mai, Himalayan Rose, Indian Rose, Hybrid Rose, Attar Gulab, Magnolia, Frangipani, Clove, Tonka Bean
Base notes: Indian Oud, Oud Roots Trat, Oud Purple co Chang (Feel-oud), Oud from Sri Lanka (Feel-oud), Birch Tar, Tolu Balsam, Vanilla, Deer Musk, Civet

Oud Maximus

345,00 €Τιμή
  • This is something that you were physically unable to try before. Today many people know what Oud is. But only a few know how rich and unusual the character of the wild oud can be when it is fully revealed in a masterfully created blend. In Oud Maximus, the concentration of Oud oils is so high that, to preserve other notes, a special technique was created for mixing the Laotian, Indian and Thai Oud with four rose oils from India, the Himalayas, Indonesia, and France. The opening of the fragrance is focused on the tantalizing animalic character of oud from Laos, supported by jasmine and citruses. A voluminous accord of ambery roses and magnolia blossoms in the heart. The base consists of miscellaneous oud oils, civet and the musk of Kabarga, which gives the composition roundness and softness. This is how this precious fragrance revealing the very essence of wild Oud is born. Oud Maximus is dedicated to Dmitry’s son Maxim.

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