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Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Musc Cristal 100ml



A harmony of powdery white musks and jasmine.
A fragrance, elegant, soft, comforting as a cotton cocoon ...
An olfactory composition where beauty is in the essential, where any frills would be "false note". After all, elegance is only natural simplicity. From the very first notes, this Eau de Parfum delivers a bouquet of white flowers that are both light as a mist and enchanting.
The violet leaves and iris give the fragrance a slightly iridescent, very elegant reflection, like a fan of light that opens from the shade to the light.
In the base notes, we find Tonka bean and Cashmeran that enhance the composition with a warm dimension.



Top notes : White Musk, Jasmine

Heart notes : Powdered Musks, Violet, Iris

Base notes : Tonka Bean, Cashmeran

Musc Cristal 100ml

120,00 €Τιμή
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