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Xerjoff  XJ Oud Stars 

Malesia Parfum 50ml


Discover Malesia, a deeply sensual tale of exotic, remote lands, peppered with exquisite flora and fauna.

Oriental in character, it opens with the uplifting scent of blossoming Lily of the Valley, taking the wearer to an intoxicating heart of amyris, amber and gurjum balsam.

Inspired by traditional Arab perfume making, Malesia is created from our oud distillation and blends luxury with innovation.

A rich base of vanilla, labdanum, musk and oud entices the nose in further, revealing its complex character on the skin as time goes by.

MALESIA Parfum 50m

275,00 €Τιμή
    • Lily Of The Valley
    • Gurjum Balsam, Amyris & Amber
    • Tonka Beans, Oud From Laos & Cambodia, Labdanum & Musk, Vanilla
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