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Stephane Humbert Lucas

God of Fire EDP 50ml


God of Fire is inspired from the legend of Xiuhtecuhtli, God of fire, day and light in the Aztec mythology.

Creator of all life, he is the mother and father of all Gods. He is the personification of light in the darkness, warmth in coldness and life in death.

As a patron of kings and warriors, he is shown carrying a turquoise serpent around him and wearing a crown and ornaments made of a Turquoise blue stones.


  • Olfactive Notes

    Mango, Lemon, Pink Berries, Ginger

    Blue Coumarin, Jasmine, Dry Woods

    Oud, Nagarmotha, Musk, Amber


Monstrum or prodigious, the god of fire touches with precision, caresses and then strikes with lightning. Must we also caress this smooth, satin skin, sewn together by a blind weaver that everyone comes to one day for a sovereign suit?

He knows a cocktail, he knows his vivid beauty, his ginger and pink berries are blowpipe arrows. Feeling his reflection in the glass he offers, the soul in the body of this impeccable dandy.

Mineral, magma under the ice, animal, he knows it all. Subjugating master of cards, he is also mango, to smile and dance. He is jasmine for both night and day in this play of lights. His turquoise diamonds are mirrors. His mirrors, eyes of amber and musk, Latin skies and amber fires.

God of Fire EDP 50ml

195,00 €Τιμή
  • Symbol of power and wiseness, God of Fire is an exquisite fragrance where fresh and exotic notes hide an outstanding warm character.

    His incredible strength, leads him to rule the volcanos, his Oud heart burns intensely like a shamanic experience, leaving you regenerated and full of confidence.

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