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A basket of most joyous fruits and fresh exuberant sicilian citruses and calabrian bergamot fill the composition with gaiety.
A touch of fluffy musk and stark amber opens gates to the sensual and dreamy vanilla. warm and fluent, fresh and divine, erba pura is joie de vivre.


245,00 €Τιμή
    • Orange And Lemon From Sicily, Calabrian Bergamot
    • Fruity Basket From The Mediterranean
    • Amber And Vanilla Beans From Madagascar, White Musk
  • A kaleidoscope of colours that mesmerises and inspires: meet Xerjoff Vibe.

    The V Collection as we know it has been transformed, stripped of the velvet exterior and adorned with a new sleek and strikingly vivacious coating. At Xerjoff, we care about the trail we leave behind in the world and our effect on the environment.

    Without compromising on beauty, quality or luxury, each perfume from the V collection embodies this captivating new look, resulting in a more sustainable alternative with absolutely no alteration to the exquisite scent held within.

    Our movement towards a more environmentally friendly future sees the scents enclosed in equally captivating external packaging, with the bold, beguiling boxes created from sustainable materials that are fully recyclable.

    The epitome of style and contemporary flair, Erba Gold and Erba Pura are presented with a silk neck scarf designed by Xerjoff and manufactured in Lake Como, Italy’s silk capital.

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