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Les Sœurs de Noe -  Citrus Poetry  EDP 100ml


Citrus Poetry is a reverie of a sweetness and endless summer. . . An addictive journey for all sun lovers. A flight of lemon subtly warmed in a veil of ginger and black pepper propels us to a timeless place where time is measured by feelings. A fantasy walk in the heart of the Mediterranean. The vibrations formed by a sparkling duo of orange and apple take us into the splendor of a landscape where citrus orchards follow, along a majestic promenade by the sea. Citrus Poetry evokes the heat of the sun caressing the skin.
Olfactive category: Citrus Spicy

Citrus Poetry EDP 100ml

190,00 €Τιμή
  • Top: Lemon, ginger, black pepper
    Heart: Apple, cara orange, jasmin petals
    Base: Amber, moss

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