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Maison VIOLET Parfums Paris


Parfum 75 ml


ABÎME is the magnetic fragrance by excellence. Both dark and characterful, its spicy/woody accord attracts like a siren song. Its powerful trail will leave a lasting impression on you and provide an exceptional attraction. 

Let yourself be seduced by its cedar wood with its dry and melting facets, bringing a palpable tension to the composition.
Its lemony, woody Philippine elemi gum enhances the formula.
The cold and amber smoke of its incense mixed with the warm and milky volutes of its Palo Santo.

The spicy green of its chilli pepper from the islands of the Kingdom of Tonga.
Its Indian sandalwood, creamy and balsamic, gorged with the Australian sun bringing roundness and texture to the base notes of the accord.



pepper, incense, labdanum, palo santo, cedarwood, sandalwood

ABÎME 75ml parfum

160,00 €Τιμή
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