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Aromatic - Musky


Mousse texture formula, skin delicately cleaner, giving a sensation of softness to the touch.

It is enriched with betaine and allantoin which create a protective film on the skin and make the product suitable even for sensitive skin.

Betaine is a natural amino acid with a high moisturizing and protective power binding water molecules present on the skin surface and preventing the evaporation.

Allantoin has also a soothing action, effective in alleviating redness and skin irritation.

How to use: Shake before use. Apply to wet skin to cleanse it. Rinse with water.


Top Notes    

  • Bergamot
  • Salt
  • Rosemary

Heart Notes

  • Marine notes
  • Mint

Base Notes 

  • Cedarwood
  • Patchouli
  • Gaiac wood
  • Musk

A'mmare BATH FOAM 150ml

33,00 €Τιμή
  • The horizon is blue. Bergamot, sunny and bright, meets Rosemary. Aromatic, occasionally pungent. Salt is on the skin, crystallized. A plunge is refreshing, leaving room to what is new. Mint Leaves, green tender smoothness. Hidden energy. Now the vision is fulfilled, the horizon complete. Cedarwood and Guaiac, a precious forest, protect Patchouly and Musk incoming gifts from faraway lands. The magic of the tale is complete, all around. A'MMARE is its echo.

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