Vintage Candella Products

VINTAGE CANDELLA  produces designer candles of 100% natural soy wax in Vintage style.


Vintage style is a modern trend in fashion and interior design, based on the combination of modern and old-fashioned objects, and also objects that were made look old artificially, in composition and decoration. Vintage thing should be of high quality, noble, unique and by all means recognizable: or should be clearly associated with a definite fashionable age, or with a concrete designer. Things, which earlier were called “copies”, nowadays are legalised and called “vintage”. Of course, candles are an integral part of vintage style interior.


Address: Giannitsopoulou 6, Glyfada, 16674, Athens, Greece


Tel: +302130232875

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Has a pleasant visual influence, creates romantic atmosphere of comfort and warmth. 100% natural soy wax, underwent dermatological tests and is particularly good for massagecandles, good interaction both with flavours and with essential oils. Burning time is 3 times longer than burning time of paraffin candles; 100% cotton wick with fibers does not contain metals and lead, when burning has no soot Container diameter: 66mm Container height: 18mm Volume: 50ml Burning time: ~10 hours